by Sleep To Win

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released July 27, 2016

Released by Ancient Lights // AL002.
Written and Performed by Sleep To Win.
Recorded and Mixed by Andy Findlay at Old School Studios (
Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege (



all rights reserved


Sleep To Win Northampton, UK

East Midlands D-beat.

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Track Name: Thrasher
We choose to buy into myth
Our power is given away
To monsters that block our horizons
Feeding them our light

Once they fall I will make
Bright stars from their carcasses
I'll show you how it's gonna be
I'll show you how

A call to slay all the gods
Compels us to answer
We'll fashion the brightest stars
Out of their carcasses

From throwing the right parts, into the sky
Can we birth constellations?

You call for prisons
You call for prisons
You call for prisons
You're already free
Track Name: Ropesy
Today just feels like
Feels like it's going to happen
All around me so alive
So alive, yes!

A golden dawn
Like none before
The bright sun
The only one

I can feel it in my soul
I can feel it through my core
I can feel it in my soul
I can feel it...I can feel!

Finding your empty space. Your silent step.
Casts it all in a better light
Track Name: Weird Sex
Merchant class, buying plastic crowns
Adorned in robes, above their station
The deceivers, and the deceived
Drag us down with the cheapest ways and means

Colossal draining, every single day
Reducing senses, underneath their reign
My resentment burns away inside
Claustrophobic air I have to breath

I'll suffer not, not, your vision
Let me make this crystal clear
What you call progress, I call it death
Don't waste your breath on me

Merchant class, stifling elite
Merchant class, never meant to lead
Track Name: New
One by one
Mountains fall
The inevitable result of time

"Surrender to me"
She said as she reached out her hand
Lifting me up
As I took it and smiled

Feeling the end of it all
Never thought I'd be happy to see it
Feeling the end of it all
Never felt so fucking good

Something for the night
Something for just us now
Something from the heart
Something greater than ourselves
Track Name: Pirate
All that is witness,
All that it witnesses dies!

Pushing a formless existence
Stillness. Silence. Broken then found
Killing me again
Or taking a path of resistance
Pleasure, pain, limitless ending
Nothing ever lasts

Take me to the highest wisdom
Waters of my dissolution

Burn away my hearts desires
Strip me of this dying flesh
Show to me, my ignorance
Going through, impermanence

I am I. I am I. I am I.
I am I. I am I. I am I.
Birth of all experience.